Ben Nicholson: white relifes

White Relief



I have looked at these in the past, as well as seen them in an exhibition at the Courtauld gallery. Their simplicity in appearance has always been fascinating, In Photographic form it is easy to see the depth cast be shadow, but when moving around the structure these lights change and alter. The forms my drawing are taking presently have a similar theme to these with form being pushed back and forward, but Nicholson does this with light.

Maybe adding a structural quality to my work will help to great the texture and depth I want it to.

1936 (white relief sculpture - version 1) 1936 by Ben Nicholson OM 1894-1982 1935 white-reliefwhite relief


Published by

Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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