2nd Oct 2014 – Constellation one

Today we were simply introduced to what will be expected of us each Thursday throughout this year. With a weekly lecture to give us more to think about and study skill tutorials to help us improve our critical thinking and essay writing skills. We we’re also given our brief for a 500 word essay to be written on Why the Baby Cage could be controversial. I think I know how I might approach this but the idea may need work, fortunately that is what the constellation sessions are for. BabyCage1 My current thoughts are to look at how the evolution of humans means that things such as the baby cage will shift from being controversial, into being excepted. I hope to use examples like the Doc Martin trend, skirt length changes and varied parenting methods to show these shifts. I hope to use these to show that although it can be controversial, maybe it was just never given the opportunity to become the norm as well as possibly dipping into why this was the case for the Baby Cage. However, these are only preliminary ideas so I’ll see what other stance’s I could take or how to develop these thoughts into a essay question.   BabyCage2


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