9th Oct 2014 – Constellation two

Definitely glad that I wasn’t in the group starting at 9 today, although I will be in a few weeks time. Went in for 12 for the main Lecture on Post Perspectives. During this lecturer we were intruded to so many artists who question how we view the world and how show this view in their art. Beginning by looking at past Google images and how, although there are perspective ambiguities, our eye isn’t bothered by them and can view the image without causing any discomfort.

The architect Albert Durer (The Art of Measurement) was mentioned in relation to his gridded drawing system that changed the way that we draw and how we view what we draw. The technique of altering perspectives was then used by many artists through the centuries in order to give the view more to see, and to distort certain parts of an image to viewers standing in the “wrong” places. These altered perspectives were the beginning of illusion art.

The lecture also questioned what a realistic representation is in the 21st century, this section looked at how perspective alters when something is viewed from different angels, how a images value as a perspective is increased by these different angles, and can a representation be taken too far? Looking into the works of Vija Celmins (to fix the images in memory 1977-82) whose work was so like its original, that sat next to it, people debated which was which, spinning perspective into a question on our own reality.

Though the rest of the lecture we looked at artists work who highlighted and aided four main points on techniques of post-perspective:

Perspective list

I actually believe that this lecture might have also aided my project and given my a few more artists to look into for contextualisation.

Later on in the day I had my first Study Skills lesson which looked into how to set out an argument. The key point to this was make sure that we know how to write a convincing argument, the set up for this is to always have at least two claims and then a conclusion within each paragraph. Also showing examples of over complicated arguments, exclusive vocabulary which stops readers understanding the argument and the effect of “fluffing” a piece of righting with irrelevant information. This was a helpful reminder as I haven’t really written much since A Level. I guess I am also hoping that by keeping this regular blog my writing will also improve.

Research notes:



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