Looking at Barbara Hepworth; Sketches and sculpture

Hepworths work is highly geographic rather than displaying a physical thing her work holds a form of its own. The sketches for her sculptures are also fascinating as they show how she sees in a 3 dimensional way, and how she is able to draw this perspective. Barbara Hepworth 1

I am particularly interested in how Hepworth represents her string lines in her drawings. How they cross over each other to create a subtler form. In the sculpture work this results in a structural form that still allows a view of the frame and all its textures. Furthermore, the sculptures are usually set outside, so the string means that the sculptures surroundings can alter the sculpture its self; as it cut s through the view, the view becomes part of the sculpture.

Barbara Hepworth 2

Barbara Hepworth 3

Hepworths sketches also have a really interesting colour selection. Hepworth doesn’t fill the page with bright colours, but she uses them as an inheritance to show the depths of her potential sculptures.

I want to play with the way Hepworth sketches, developing them into my work. Particularly picking up in the shape design and the thin lines linking sections of the work together. One possibility would be to create a detailed painting and then use the lines to both link and distort certain sections instead of the think coverings I’ve been doing. Those could always be added on top though to add another depth or layering.

Barbara Hepworth 4

In Hepworths sketches showing the real work the think line marks can also be seen to add textures and develop the forms within the sketches. This might be worth attempting but leaving blank areas, mirroring the sculpture sketches so that I can include layers above and below the sketches. Looking at Barbara Hepworths style could potentially be massively important to the direction my project takes.

Also, because my work looks at layering and having a 2 dimensional but layered viewing style I believe that sculpture work might be an interesting thing to explore as I will be able to see how something cuts through its surroundings from different perspectives, which I can then translate this into my 2 dimensional paintings.

 Barbara Hepworth 5


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