Looking at Wassily Kandinsky: Mark making and colour selection

W Kandinsky 1

I am continuing to look  at mark making and the use of shapes within a work. I believe that Kandinsky is a good example of what I hope to achieve as his works range from a simplistic beauty to a controlled chaos that holds the views eye with interest. The painting above (Composition VII) holds a lot of information, with colours and forms dancing across the canvas. And yet this is wonderfully controlled within a flow of movement and by subtly sectioning the paintings. All the shapes and marks that appear across the canvas really draw me in, searching for the next new part of the piece. I really could spend hours looking at a work like this.

W Kandinsky 3W Kandinsky 2

I then also wanted to look as these two paintings (Several Circles and Blue)  as they are such a contrast from the busyness of above. The first has a hypnotic bubble like quality that relaxes, I can imagine this painting being popular throughout the psychedelic period.  I love its spacial qualities, and would be interested to see whether my work could benefit this level of stunning simplicity. Although I do also really enjoy the way that Kandinsky has cut through this in the second painting with the very straight lines and the spot light blue and yellow. I put these two together because when I look at them both I feel as though they hold the same theme but the light has been switched on in one whereas not in the other. Alternatively I see this as an exciting way of mapping stars or galaxies. I certainly feel as if there is connecting thought or pattern to these two paintings.

W Kandinsky 4

However, these works that will hopefully help my work forward the most is these two (Yellow, Red And Blue and Capricious). They are such abstract pieces that show such a fantastic skill and personal narrative that, although I may not be able to fully understand, I can truly enjoy and appreciate. I think that in my work so far I have been making marks for the ascetic quality, whereas when I look at these works by Kandisky there appears to be a deeper thought running through the pieces as he attempts to show his audience how he sees the world. With this big colours, definite lines and fantastic shapes. As if he is exploring all of modern art within one canvas.

W Kandinsky 5


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