Screen Printing Workshop

Part 3:

Today was really exciting! Got to have a go at a new type of screen printing, a more permanent method of screen printing using photo emoltion on the screen. This creates a solid thick stencil that can be printed through repeatedly without it getting weaker, unlike the paper stencil. We were able to draw on both acetate and tracing paper, although the different affect of the materials is not yet know as we did not get the opportunity to print with the screens.

photo 9

My idea is to put a darker, thick colour for the first print, using the first section and then to overlay this with a lighter colour for the thinner squiggles. I thought about using contrasting colours like yellow and purple or orange and blue. This will also help the movement of my project as it will test layering of ideas and how we look through layers or the distortion created by the layering affect. It would be interesting to see as well whether a third, thicker layer would be to much for the eye to look at but I can test this when I’ve actually had the opportunity to do a few prints.

photo 10


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Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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