The Big Question: Human Body 2

The Big Question this week looked at how classical art is inescapable; asking if it possible for a western artist to escape the depiction of the human body in classical art. We also debated what it is about a piece showing the naked form that either promotes or ignores eroticism. The equality of looks was brought up, or the positioning of the body, whether inviting or not and how twists in the body can change this. However, it was also put forward that the erotic connotations are a modern addition to the human form, especially in images with religious significances, as we are bombarded with suggestive images of the human body.  Also, if these classical works are what we except naturally as the human form what happens when we see more abstracted styles of showing the human form, or even seeing the human form when it does not fit these ideals. It was good to listen to people pushing ideas around the room and getting a few more artists to look into. Even though most of the work today was sculptural and my work still sits in the 2D it is useful to look at people thought processes throughout a work and seeing how this could potentially aid my own developments.


Published by

Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

One thought on “The Big Question: Human Body 2”

  1. Dear Jess, For me when I draw from life I am so busy trying to find the poetry of the body whatever that means that erotic responses don’t seem to be there plus the very real mores and values that I and many other have that a nude body by definition is not a sexual object in the studio. I realise that this can be altered very quickly in all sorts of ways and is not true all the time. With regard to religious ‘art’ look at the ecstasy of St Teresa.!! I think everything you do is so good on this course. Already it’s miles better than mine. Lots of love. Grenadier xxxxxxx

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