The Weather Project Two

Weather Project photo 3(6)



Firstly showing the sunset/sunrises that we had been asked to make and then discussing them. It was interesting to see all the different ways of showing the same thing. We then talked about interpretation; how in art we show what we see, the interpretation being between looking and the movement of our brush or pen. We then looked at a long list of artists who use weather to create instillations, either in manipulations or the weather or in the suggestion of the weather. These instillations perfectly show how this from of work is made as an experience, to give something to all of the senses. Instead of simply giving the audience something to look at.

Task: Draw plans for our own instillation, to be presented next week.

(To Look into:

Olafur Eliasson, Beauty 1993

Your panorama rainbow 2012

strob lighting ?

Julie Andreet, weather report 2005

Mariele Neudecker, uncancellable wow 1998-2001

Think of one thing 2002

Diller Scofiolio and Renfro, Blur building 2002

Berndaut smilde, indoor cloud 2012

rondom international, rain room 2012

julius popp, bitfall 2002-2006

Laurence Malstaf, tornado simulator)


Published by

Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

One thought on “The Weather Project Two”

  1. Dear Jess, Thanks for emails which are enthralling also your english exposition is now very good. Clearly you are enjoying it although there is a lot of work here obviously you will have to write down how and at what times you are going to it. Organisation like this I had terrible difficulty with because one gets carried away with particular bits so I allocated time to it. Must go to bed now exhausted after hospital Friday but feeling good. Lots of love Gruniead xxxx

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