16th Oct 2014 – Constellation three

Our lecture today was on The Sensory Object: Curation of an Exhibition, a makers perspective. The exhibition will be held at Craft in the Bay, Cardiff, between January and March, and after todays lecture I think I will have to go to see how all the elements they have added to the exhibition will come together. The lecture went through some of the works that will be in the exhibit and how they will be including the artist in these displays through an innovative catalogue. This catalogue will also include written works from a number of theorists, by doing this they hope to add to the audiences discussions of the work and aid the develop the work in the exhibit. From what I could gather the whole event plays with that we had discussed in the fine art projects on Tuesday; to give the audience an experience. The opening night will also include fantastically created foods that should hope to question what the senses are experiencing through twisting some classics into creative mimicries’. Throughout the lecture it was clear that a lot of thought had gone into every aspect of the event, and the excitement of those involved, both helping to gain enthusiasm from me, as I said previously, to want to have to opportunity to go and experience everything this event has to offer.

Study skills this week was just as useful as last week, and a good laugh as well. We were asked to think about the interdisciplinary capabilities of art, science and technology with a look at a publication about sound and trying to relate these to images. This also helped us to understand how a professional essay or publication is expected to be lain out, and how to find what we are looking for in an essay when we are looking for information to reference (because there is always someone whose written something about what your researching).


Research notes:



Thomas Grill and Arthur Flexer

Leonardo DaVinchi

Wassily Kandinsky

Brian McWeller

Yans Kikto

Tate: Sound, Music, Visual (producing the interdisciplinary)




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Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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