The Weather Project Three

Ffion and I came up with a big idea, due to lack of restrictions given in the task. Above is our page of ideas that shows our big underground tunnel system that tries to question what the viewer expects to experience from weather and with is related colour. We would begin by putting a poll out that asked as many people as possible what colour people relate to a particular weather; our example being blue and red for cold and warmth. these colours would then be painted on the walls but the weather experienced within this colour panel would be the opposite weather experience. We also worked on lighting and whether to lift the tunnels occasionally so that the experience was not just underground but included a worldly manipulation of what you see against what you feel. Some of the other groups thought about weathers more frightening qualities, and how it can dominate us, whereas Ffion and I took a more playful path as we hoped that people, once they had worked out what was going on, would play with the large tunnels. Similar to how kids might play in tunnels at the park. The only fear quality would be if people couldn’t figure out the tunnel systems and got a bit lost underground for a bit. Although with multiple entrances this shouldn’t be to much of an issue.Bad image of the ideas map

After presenting our works we made LED lights and talked about how these can be linked up to a computer and controlled using a very simple programme. It was a pretty simple process so I can see how the small lights could be useful to someone who produces large instillations. and the control available makes them very versatile. For next week we have been asked to make 20 sketches or drawings of the sun rising or setting so that we can have a look at animation and the process involved with that.


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Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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