23rd Oct 2014 – Constellation four

The interesting thing about this lecture was how open minded we have to be as artists. The lecturer focused on sound and technology, but in an art context, showing how, as artists we should promote interdisciplinary practice and explore our interest in everything. During the lecture we moved across the years in musical history, beginning with Beethoven and moving into the sonic side of music. Sonic music has a very technological sound to it and so some of the pieces were uncomfortable to listen to, but there was also a fascinating depth to them, and created a natural intrigue through their computerised production, rather than through traditional instruments. I Believe though, that the thing that struck me most was that quite a lot of the musicians where of a fine art background and so has really inspired me to be comfortable moving away from traditional mediums. Although this isn’t going to happen over night, but at least I won’t be as afriad to explore any and all possibilities.

My Study Skills was in the Library this week, looking through the slide selection, but unfortunately I had to leave early due to illness so I will have to go and explore that collection in my own time. I was very upset to miss this one as I had really been looking forward to it. Of what I did see of the session though I have taken forward a new way of looking; to explore the whole image and attempt to read and understand it as I would with a piece of text. By doing this the visual experience will be intensified.


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