30th Oct 2014 – Constellation five

This was a really exciting start to the morning, we looked at questioning and how as university students (and creative thinkers) we should always be questioning. We looked into how to question and research, in reference to our work so that our work can hold its meaning. But what I took from this most was that it is vitally important not to just use our own ideas to give our work relevance but to also look at what has passed and push forward ideas of the past. Mainly  helping us understand that the best artists and creators are normally about 10 years or more ahead of the rest of the world.

As there was not keynote lecture today we had a subject session instead. We discussed the activity of making and asked to think about our own way of working, as well as what is important to use while making. We looked at a number of artists, with a focus on their process of making and their thought processes.

Research notes:


Robert Smithson, Map of Clear broken glass (atlantis) 1969

Andy Goldsworthy, Rowan leaves laid around a hole 1987

Tan Davenport, poured painting Blue Black Blue 1999

Anis Kapoor – Greyman cries, sharman dies, billowing smoke, beuaty evoked 2008-9

A Gomley, Field 1991

Jeremy wood, brighton boat

Hamilton, southern and st amand running stitch 2006-9

solle witt, T03100

Helio oitica, parangoles 1964-79

Richard mosse, the enclave 2013





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Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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