6th Nov 2014 – Constellation Six

The three key topics of this weeks study skills were:

  1. Handling History
  2. Handling ‘isms’
  3. Handling texts (close reading)

Its fair to say that history is a complicated thing, and how we interpret it definitely adds to this. But today we learned how not to get bogged down by it. To find what we need and then how to further explore this. One thing that I would like to take from this is the key tips given in the close reading tips, because we also explored to how then to write our close reading out again through paraphrasing and summarising. Although I have done a fair amount of essay writing in the past it was nice to go over this again and see how to use this in our academic writing. Also, art movements are a difficult thing to keep track of.

The keynote was simply to help us find information from the library to aid our essay, and so I have a few good notes from this, and a few new thoughts to look in to.

research notes:




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Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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