13th Nov 2014 – Constellation seven

Study skills today was about essay writing and refrencing, which was good to revise. Must remeber the refernceing tecnique though as this is extremely important:

In text: “quote” (author, year of publication, page number)

Bibliography: Authors surname, Initials, (Publication year), title of book, Edition, place of publication: publishing company

For journals:  Authors surname, Initials, (Publication year),’title of article, title of journal, Volume number, (volume parts),  pages of the journal, (date accessed)

Teenage Kicks was this lecture looking at the cultural development and symbols in objects and materials; using Dr Martens as a case study. The lecture discussed the cultural biography within everything and how this can be twisted and altered trough the times. Also looking at how a mixture of cultural biographies can mix the meanings of those materials used: the transferable concepts of objects and materials through time. I think this lecture really shows exactly what I want to do within my essay; to show these cultural developments but using The Baby Cage instead of Dr martens as the case study.


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Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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