Photography Project

This week we talked about how we might present our work… and I made a right mess of it. Wanting to put up all 8 possible photos meant that it had no clear focus and made very little sense with the “looking on a tangent” theme. I put up work like this on top of a terrible painting that I’m to embarrassed to show on here:
















Print 5 and 6

Print 9 and 10








Bridge 2

Cardiff 5miles








I wanted to show all the styles of photography that I had taken over the project rather than thinking about the theme and how I can best represent my work as a collection within that theme. As I was also focused on the four walks I had taken to get all these photographs I didn’t really think about how I was presenting the images, instead focusing on quantity of work.


After this I spent some time thinking about the simplest way to successfully show my work within the theme chosen  and so this is how I eventually presented my work:

wpid-wp-1425152488775.jpeg wpid-wp-1425152501627.jpeg

I also wanted there to be a clear definition between where I had been looking up and where I had been looking down to take the photographs.


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Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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