Llandaff Cathedral

We have decided to focus on Llandaff Cathedral, this is because it is not only close to the University therefore we can all access it but it also gives a complete sensory experience which is what we have decided to recreate. Today after the tutorial we went as a group to the cathedral to explore and take some photographs, this positive as it allowed us to explore possibilities while experiencing the space.

One of the things we noticed about the cathedral was the light: with colour created by the stained-glass windows and intense shadows caused by large windows and the defining features of the cathedral the right move around the the space in a very particular way. If we were to recreate the Cathedral also think about the stained-glass windows as well as all the other aspects that we experienced.

Some key things that we wanted to try and recreate as well as the controlled light are the surface textures within the cathedral, the smell of incense and aged stones and wood. The visuals of the church through a video and use recorded sounds from the cathedral, this could then be projected onto a canvas with the textures and then the tiles either on the floor or around the canvas.

This could potentially be quite a complicated installation piece, but if it works it could be fantastic. One idea we had was to then either invite members of the cathedral to view the space create and see how they react with it, or if we had more time we could discuss bringing our work into the cathedral in some form.


Published by

Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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