Stained Glass

To imitate stained glass we had quite a few ideas such as buying pieces of shattered glass or using old bottles to create the light appearance of the stained glass. However we decided that we could attempt to make the glass using a boiled sweet method I used to make biscuits with.

It took some time to get the correct temperature and thickness but the sweets worked very well. I just hope that they work in the space as we hope.

photo (5)

The first tests showed the best light results because the sweets were thin. But this meant that the glass bubbled from the heat of the oven.







photo (7)

The thicker layers definitely worked better, and the mint sweets gave a clear glass appearance.








photo (1)









photo (8)

I then worked at making them into shapes to be hung separately. I think that I could have made a whole panel if I had had more experience with the melted sweets, but maybe this is something to try in the future.

The only real problem with these tiles is that the light doesn’t go through them as well as the thinner tiles, but this might be something to work on.








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Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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