Bringing the outside, inside

Now that I’m exploring the idea of looking inside the body from the outside, I thought about other ways of bringing inside to outside and vice versa. I thought about nature and how trees are kept outside, they grow to tall to be confined within walls. So how would you create a sense of outside, inside?

I thought about the design of a hat stand and how it can look like a tree but can no longer grow. Therefore I decided that for my second piece I would use a hat stand and create a piece that asked people to think about nature and the outside when looking at it. The hat stand I particularly want to use is one from ikea, a large and well known brand who creates stands that look like a young tree. Therefore exploring how industrial manufacturing of large numbers of products is creating a  uniform style of design that nods at the natural world but shows it little respect.

Once thought I had was to carve into the wood a large strong tree that represents what the wood used possible came from. If placed by an entrance it could also go unnoticed as a piece which I think could be quite interesting.


Published by

Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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