Exhibit at The National Gallery Cardiff:

phoebe cummings

Phoebe Cummings – Scenes for a future history of ornament.

Apocalyptic scenes contained within shoe boxes, bringing the audience close to the piece. Relies on audience confidently exploring the work for a full understanding, rather than taking one look and then moving away.




Twenty four blocks

Manufactures of Wales – Twenty Four bricks.

A collection of bricks made by varies welsh companies. Collection of national pride but also a visual demonstration of the variation on a single skill and the differences that can occur through human nature or geographical location.









Carwyn Evans – Cast.

Created with the scraps from other projects, showing that it is worth keeping everything we do. A simple, aesthetically enjoyable piece that has become a piece in its own right but relies on the creating of other ideas.








fragments film

David Cushway – Fragments (film).

Changing the way I saw art as having to create something, instead the destruction of something also has a sad beauty to it.







Rachel Kneebone

Rachel Kneebone – The will to proceed to the end of the possible.

Tangled and fragmented forms intertwined to create an abstract form; something broken can become something new, with new meaning through its recreation.






handprint dish

 Jason Wason – Handprint dish.

The simple and beautiful design, as well as practicality of the piece. Gives connotations of a historical significance and reference to human identity through the single hand print.










Gillian Ayres – Calypso.

The expressive mark-making and exciting use of colour is very exciting to look at. With very little to pin down I find that my eyes are constantly searching the piece to form an understanding which adds to the movement of the piece.







Keith Harrison – Mute.

The enjoyment this piece brought was unparalleled! With music and audience participation this brought a smile to everyones face, something that was beautiful to experience.







The Film of ceramic process from the David Williams Trust

The enjoyment of the creation process with final pieces; seeing what is being made while the artists is going through the creative process.


Published by

Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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