Points of interest form The Hidden Lanscapes

The Hidden Landscape – A journey into the geological past

by Richard Fortey

“Human endeavours do not succeed if they deny the geological realities. This hidden landscape is a part of all our lives” (p27)

On the Chalklands where I was born –

“represents a monumentous time” (p215)

“After chalk times, we see the beginnings of the modern times”

“There is a sense in which the brightness of the chalk preserves the sun that once played on the Cretaceous seas” (p217)

“[Chalks] whiteness, its purity is the pure calcite manufactured by animals and plants, and here unsullied by sediments from other sources” (p217-218)

“The contours [of the land] are like those of the human body, the swell of the buttocks or breasts” (p220) With reference to Henry Moores landscape figures.

The Vale of the White Horse mentioned as a graffiti using the natural materials. This was something a saw frequently on journeys, a stunning and impressive scar across the land that has stood the test of time. A display of how artists can use nature to our advantage to create piece that the earth doesn’t try to reclaim.

 On the Wales where I study  –

Similar to the chalk horse, areas of wales (particularly along the coastline) are home to Lichens that bridge the gap between man made cathedrals ( St Davids ) and the land that they were built on. Juxtaposed by a “brightly coloured service station just outside St David’s. [The] flimsy, flat roofed, synthetic thing is like an encampment by an invader” (p13)

“To walk in Caledonian Wales is to cover hallowed ground, where churches of geological time were recognised for what they were” (p82)


Published by

Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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