Field – play and creativity

After having my confidence knocked the last few weeks I believe that I couldn’t have chosen a better field module. The lecture brought forward the idea that play and creativity are the most important parts of us as humans, we must use them as tools to understand our own motivations and passions so that we can produce the best work at all time. Also putting the point forward that we must be in our best mind so that we can create the best links and connections and increase our potential for creativity.

Think outside the box
Think outside the box


Something else that interested me was a point made about ‘challenging my assumptions’. Personally I feel that I can be stubborn with what my opinion is and so important to me to listen to someone talk about why it is a positive exercise to always reavaluate what we believe in order to open  ourselves up to new possibilities and create new connections.

Lastly we discussed observation, and how opening ourselves up to the world rather than maintaining a distance from it allows us to see more and so create more.


  1. What stresses me?

    I feel overwhelmed when I have a lot of things to do but usually I cause my own stress by leaving things till the last minute. Time deadlines make me stressed but really I should be better organised. I also always believe that I could have done more work, so often find that I can not satisfy myself be completing a workload because I always could have done more.

  2. When do I have my best ideas?

    I have my best ideas when I am calmest and usually this is when I am drawing or reading. Doing extra research always helps to bring ideas forward but if the topic isn’t interesting I can get demotivated very quickly.

  3. How do I process information?

    All my memory is visual so I rely on seeing things to remember them. When having ideas or talking to people I have to get it onto paper quickly.

  4. What is my preference for exploration?

    I do a lot of thinking but sometimes need to actually translate this into work or diagrams so that so that the idea can fully form rather than letting it just sit in my brain.

  5. How do I problem solve?

    I have a bad habit of trying to problem solve in my head before I’ve made the piece rather than making it and allowing it to grow and develop in its own time. Otherwise I get frustrated and end up starting over or starting something new.

  6. What motivates me?

This changes all the time, but usually I can be motivated by things around me. Positive feedback pushes me forward as well as self satisfaction with something I have accomplished. Usually something needs to be fun or relaxing for me to return to it or have the potential for an impressive outcome.



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Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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