Play and Creativity

Today we looked how spaces can manipulate people and how the move around the space. With reference to many of the companies in silicon valley who have worked hard to create spaces that promote play and creativity in their teams, as well as promoting communication between teams who may not traditionally communicate with one another.

Exercise 1:

Group ideas exercise:
In a team draw something related to the chosen word, after a minute show the drawings and then draw again but no one draw something already drawn. Repeat this until everyone has drawn 6 things and then discuss.

This quickly gets the obvious ideas out of the way so that the obscure connections can be made. This and the next exercise also uses both individual ideas and bringing this together as a group.

Exercise 2:

As an individual write down the worst ideas for a theme, after five minutes write down them as a group and discuss. After this write down the all the other ideas for the theme that might actually be possible to focus on.

This exercise helps to get the brain thinking, without limiting it to just one half of the problem. It also can create links that aids the project – gives problems to solve.

Exercise 3:

Personal reflection of values task:

  1. Write down 15 valuable exercise.
  2. Give up all but 5 of these.
  3. Reflect on these values – what themes are there?
  4. You have $100 to spend at the value mall to add to the 5 values you have.
    Values Mall
  5. Reflect on these and the connection between these and your first five. Then become committed to these values.



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Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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