2nd Year Show piece


My focus for this year has been journeys; starting as a very literal exploration of journeys influenced by the Strata Map by William Smith, leading to my current work which is a more conceptual exploration of journeys.

My main source of inspiration has come from looking at the works or Tiffany Chung, and the running stitch projects, as well as the field courses that I participated in this year. These influences have forced me to think beyond how I would traditionally work, and in doing so improved my confidence to create artwork.

The artwork I have chosen to exhibit forms a visual culmination of many possible journeys, personally it forced me to consider the journey through life and our position within the journeys of those around us; we must all face similar events in our lives but how we move forward from that is always unique. Alternatively, the journey of the artist could be considered, our methods and decisions that manipulate the design and form. Although the artist has to hand over control to an audience eventually and that is when the journey of artwork can become unpredictable. And so as I hand over this piece I request that you, the audience, allow yourself the freedom to consider your own interpretation.



Published by

Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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