Dissertation feedback and reflection


“This discussion of the relationship between artist/curator is an interesting one and the research can certainly add something to the cannon, the idea that the artist can manipulate the curator or worse the other way around is a very interesting one and can make a huge difference to the way that art is disseminated or communicated, especially if the artist is deceased.”

“our referencing process seems overly complex…”

“there is a comprehensive bibliography here, but this may end up rather too long and worth a little reflection about which are your key texts here, and who are the key authors and thinkers in this field.”



My biggest fear with my dissertation was that it would not fit within other research, so hearing in feedback that it would contribute positively (if executed properly) has helped me to feel more confident moving forward.
I was aware that it was currently overcomplicating the referenceing system so that I know that I have referenced things and that ill be able to find it later, but I will definitely revise the Havard referencing system.

My biggest issue since the deadline has been continue at the pace that I was at, and so I need to refocus my efforts, especially as I now have weekends free to come into the library and focus on the writing of my dissertation. I was however, unaware that we still needed to be blogging alongside the writing of the dissertation and so will need guidance to get this restarted and to know what I need to be writing about.

My next plan is to write a brief time plan for the next few months inorder to help focus me towards the end goal as well as revisiting my bibliography to refine it better.

I really hope to do well on my dissertation as I have enjoyed the process so far, I know that I can produce a good level of work when I put my mind to it, which is why I believe a time plan will help me to achieve this. As well as having the confidence in what I am writing, which I feel has improved since this feedback.


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Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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