Self reflection

Cardiff Metropolitan University Cardiff School of Art and Design

Bachelor of the Arts (Honours)

Fine Art

An evaluation of the position and influence of the curator, within a museum, on the relationship between artists and audiences.

After the draft hand in I definitely lost steam and found it difficult to return focus. I used this time to get on with Subject work, but I it did mean that I failed in producing or working towards a time plan. Fortunately, I found that I was able to rediscover the spark once we broke up for Christmas, and so much of the submitted dissertation was written during this time. It was even more fortunate that I was able to do a good amount during the holidays as I hit a few unfortunate, and unpredictable medical hurdles after returning to university. The key one being that I managed to break my elbow on the first day back! This meant that I was unable to use my right arm, making typing and writing exceedingly difficult. I would like to say that I am proud that I have been able to complete this dissertation, it is in my nature to believe that there are still aspects that could be added or improved upon, despite knowing that I really have produced my best work under the circumstances.

This is also a side-effect of such a large topic, which is why I decided to title it an “evaluation”. The dissertation attempts to cover the core of the relationships between curator, artist and audience but there are more complex aspects that I have not been able to adequately approach. It is therefore my desire that the discussions raised are continued forward in my own work as well as into the convocations that I have with other artists. The evaluation has, for me, highlighted a few issues with the art world -specifically the exclusivity and often elitist aspects -, while I may not change these individually I can use the knowledge I have gained to try and take this into consideration and give other curators and artists the opportunity to develop and improve.

I continued to use my complicated referencing system right into the last edit, and I am nervous that it is still incorrect despite revising the Harvard referencing system. My main wish was that the referencing would not interrupt the core text, but instead flow naturally from my writings to sources and back to text.

Other than these two concerns the whole experience has been fantastic, which I know maybe isn’t the common feeling. In all seriousness the research was incredibly insightful and has already filtered into my own work. I feel that I am now considering my practice from a much broader perspective, something I wish to continue to improve on. Furthermore, I have always enjoyed essay writing and so the dissertation has given my the opportunity to grow these skills, I have also not felt overly hindered by my dyslexia, something I suspect to be a result of being able to choose a topic that interests and excites me.


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Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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