Amsterdam – Dali and Banksy

Exhibition that took place in the Moco museum, Amsterdam.

There was on element of the collection that I was particularly fascinated by; Dali’s etching prints. Below are photographs that I took of the specific colourful sections that caught my attention:







The warm colours do draw me in quite easily but Dali’s mark making caught my attention because of how free and gestural it is. Which is very different from the work that I am currently producing, with its controlled line and shapes. From what I could tell of the method it appears that the painting sections were done first and then the print overlayed on top, showing the multifaceted skill of Dali, as well as highlighting to me that layering ideas can produce fantastic visual results. Similar to what I was trying to achieve with the A4 Paintings, but definitely needs further exploration.

I had not explored Dali’s work properly, I will openly admit that it was not something that drew my attention, despite my ability to visually appreciate his surrealist style. However, inspiration can come from surprising sources sometimes, which I am hopefully always open to.

One of Banksy’s pieces that struck my attention was the piece above. Banksy’s subject matter is, of course, very striking but I equally find his colour use to be visually engaging.

Something that I did find curious about the curation of the exhibition was that the two artists were mostly kept separate, whereas I had initially thought that it would be a comparison/ exploration of how two artists can be analysed in the same frame of mind despite creating work in different movements and generations apart.


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Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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