Amsterdam – Van Gogh

Similar to the Stedelijkmuseum, I had not been able to experience the Van Gogh museum on my previous visit to Amsterdam. Van Gogh has been an artists that I have been curious of since I visited the Kroller-Muller exhibition a few years ago and was so enthralled by what I was able to see in this exhibition that I bought the full collection book from the museum.

Image result for van gogh potato eaters kroller-muller

It was a fantastic opportunity to see the potato eaters again, I loved the version in the Kroller-Muller exhibit and so was a great experience to compare with the painting in the Van Gogh museum. In addition the history of the painting that was included has now added to my experience of the painting and given new insight into Van Gogh as an artist.

Image result for the white orchard van gogh

I had not experienced Van Goghs Orchard paintings, that for me show the transition between early and later works, his gestural marks are beginning to form but his is still very much clinging to the realistic representation. His style does begin to be textural and have the illusion of movement.

Image result for enclosed field with rising sun

After looking right through the available collection it was the later works that really captured my attention. I thought on my own work and how Van Goghs gestural linear mark making might contribute to my context. I realised that Van Gogh sits somewhere between impressionism and pointillism, at least in my mind. Therefore sometimes it is a good idea to enjoy the closer looks as well as at a distance so as the fully appreciate his skill. I began looking at small sections up close and noticed the vibrancy of those snippets, as if I was taking those visual cues and enlarging them in my own work. Consider that in a small section of grass there is not just green but a spectrum of colours.



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A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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