Summary for Formative Assessment – March

The work that I am presenting, and will be continuing to produce for the degree show follows my journey as I try to process the death of my Grandad. Over the last few months I have made positive steps and have found that I am now able to rediscover my ability to play with colour, while at the same time processing the emotional times that I have had to face this year. My work has always been an extension of myself and my internal feelings, but the work I am currently producing is even more intuitive than it had been before. Utilizing my understanding of colour, form and tone I am hoping to create an exhibition that aesthetically beautiful, but overpowering visually.

The only painting on the wall currently that represents this darkness is the first painting I was able to do after months of not being able to pick up a brush. The lost and lonely boat guided by the hope of the shooting star. The rest of the work shows the shifts that I have gone through in the last few weeks, with brighter colours that are forming into a language. I have begun looking into the writings of Kandinsky as he discusses the spirituality of colour and the alignment of shapes as well as rediscovering artists that inspired both my Grandad and myself in the hope of creating a piece that honors him, as well as concluding this section of the journey that I have been on.


Structural studiesDarkness Painting, A4 Studies,  Colour study, Primary Colours.


Natural Influences, Dali and Banksy, Stedelijkmuseum, Van Gogh, Kandinsky.


Degree Show Proposal

My proposal has not altered thus far, I am hoping that a simple execution of something beautiful and visually engaging will draw an audience in and allow an open discussion to be formed from the stimulation.


Published by

Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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