Robert Holyhead

Exhibition review and website

The review describes the work as an exploration of the “tensions between colour and form”, this is something that I can engage with as my forms do seem to mirror Holyhead’s. For my work, this is an aesthetic choice as the colours are able to slot together in an intricate puzzle, the emphasis in the painting below is the focus on the material beauty of one specific colour. Allowing it to fill the space and form depth in its own abstract forms, because no matter how hard an artist might try to create flattened pieces from colour our eye is used to experiencing the world in three dimensions. Therefore naturally trying to make sense of the abstract information, using visual references that we have previously encountered. An uninterested viewer might just look and see coloured shapes on a canvas, but to anyone who gives these, and my, paintings the time they will open up pathways in the mind, bringing forward memories and references.

Untitled (Joints) 2014

Edit: Reading this again after exploring Kandinsky‘s spirituality of colour has lead me to even more emphatically agree with my statement that contemporary art enjoys using form without a base reference (such as a vase or landscape) because we have seen so many of them and are craving something new to experience. Furthermore, I believe that since the Abstract Expressionist movement artists are done with giving the audience all the answers and have been exploring the possibilities of what happens when audiences are just asked to look and explore their own minds to find understanding. Similar to the effect that Rothko’s work has on people emotionally, but does not necessarily affect every single viewer.


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Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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