Painting on the larger scale!

It was so exciting when the paper turned up. I remember my studio neighbours commenting on the size of the box, so it was daunting when I first put the paper up to start painting on. The hardest aspect of this was balancing the upscaling process so that they are neither too big or too small for the paper. I am very glad that I did all 12 of the original size because it means that I am now very comfortable with how the forms and colour tones compliment each other. Becuase I am now working towards the degree show I have limited myself to six of the codes, choosing from the original 12.

As well as having to consider the scaling of the paper I have considered the colours that I have selected, buying from two companies that I have used. (Windsor & Newton, top. Seawhites of Brighton, bottom)

At first, thinking that I would be choosing from these available colours I did the test pieces above, the main issue that I could see being that while the colours are similar they have different positive qualities from higher pigments to textural differences. As a curiosity test, I then mixed the two paints together:

Once I had seen how these colours sat on the watercolour paper and mixed with each other, and the tonal aspect I decided that these were the colours that I was going to work with.

And so I began to work on the paintings which can be seen below:

Once I had the paper on the wall I was able to able to work out the measurements so that I could plan for how much space I would need for the degree show.

My hope is that I will be able to get 3 and a half walls but this will be a very large space to fill. The diagram above shows how I would prefer to be able to show the pieces, I will have to work out which of the pieces should go where but this, realistically, can only be done when I can put them all out in front of the wall.


Published by

Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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