How to hang the final pieces:

Hopes for presentation techniques:

  • Subtle and doesn’t distract from paintings
  • Does not damage paper
  • Does not hide paper

These points immediately rule out nails or tacks in each corner, as well as the fact that the paper would probably tear from its own weight. As well as excluding the possibility of a custom frame, especially as this would be an extremely expensive option.

I would like to have the paper visible as much as possible as it creates a contrast between wall and painting that also references my desire to focus on the materiality of the paintings.

My first thought was to get poster hangers that would attach to the bottom and top of the poster. But this would act as a frame on two of the sides and does not fit into the “subtle” criteria.

Image result for poster grip hanger

I then found this article on how to make a custom poster grip, which I could paint white (and so be more subtle). However, I still did not feel like this was the best option as I was not confident that the design would be able to hold up the large, heavy pieces.

Other options included glueing the paper to large pieces of board or creating a stretcher like design to be glued to the back that would give the paper enough structure to be easily attached to the wall.

However, when I was looking for the magnets that I could place in the DIY poster grips I stumbled across an article that completely solved my problem and with their useful guides I was able to calculate the exact amount of magnets that I would need for the paintings!


Update 10/05/17:

I have now been able to test the magnets and I am so pleased with the results! It is also funny because other students with paperwork started to consider using magnets when I shared the idea with them. It presents the work in such a clean, crisp way without damaging the work!



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Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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