Sean Scully

Sean Scully re-imagines the history of abstraction as an art rooted in experience, one that seeks to purify how we encounter the world—“something felt and something seen,” as he has said.

From Change and Horizontals by Joanna Kleinberg and Brett Littman

Scully’s work is grounded in reality, unlike mine and a lot of other abstract art, as Scully uses his photography as inspiration for his paintings.

SS2963 Robe Blue 2016 web

It is clear to see in this piece how the materiality of the oil is extremely different from my acrylic paintings. The brushstrokes flow and the physicality of the piece is very different from the work of Ad Reinhardt:

Ad Reinhardt, ‘Abstract Painting No. 5’ 1962

The textural nature of Scully’s vs Reinhardt’s does seem to show the two polarised possibilities of abstract artworks, with some opting for the industrial, digital approach and others the more gestural, analogue approach. There are naturally arguements to support both but I am going to continue with my preference for the analogue. As I enjoy the variety that comes from the acceptance of human error.


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Jessy Plant

A Brighton born artist, now studying a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff Met Uni.

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