Summary of First year at Cardiff Met

This year has been really fantastic and I’ve been able to develop my practice to a more confident point. As well as creating over 100 blog posts that have made me more comfortable to show and talk about the work I produce.


In the first term it was difficult to get the ball rolling on the Inside/ Outside brief while also trying to get used to a new place and moving away from home. The workshops in the first term were a fantastic way of helping to settle in and begin thinking about what I might create. My first thoughts were to follow a more abstract line or enquiry that explored the layering of ideas and paintings and thought about Inside/ outside in a more 2D way. As the term progressed and I was exploring the works of other artists such as Hepworth and Kandinsky I started to get braver and tried out a few new mediums. It was during this exploration period that I began the continuous painting that has really pushed my thinking and is something I would like to come back to in the future.

During the third term though I had a massive shift in ideas, which I think had been because of an increase in confidence through the field module. I then began working very quickly, with ideas and thoughts moving and developing towards the work I finally produced. First there was the body, which I later decided wouldn’t be enough for me to feel satisfied with showing it. It was after a long discussion with my work that I stumbled on the ball of light and the work of Jessica Drenk which has massively influenced the pieces I have shown (mirror and hat stand).


The field module was incredibly important to my personal development as I now feel more comfortable within the university as well as comfortable with the thought of collaboration pieces. I was lucky to have a positive experience with both groups the first producing a video showing the city we live in, and the second an installation that explored a sensory experience of Llandaff cathedral.


Mondrian – Line Paintings

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After priming the white city painting that I did a small amount of yellow had accidentally mixed in, which gave me the original idea of a city in mist; slightly obstructed from view. While painting though, these pieces by Mondrian came to mind and helped to inspire the final form of the painting that I produced.

Patrick Caulfield and Julian Opie

These two artist have really been in my mind with the city brief. I think that they’re styles of work might be something worth looking at. I’m not sure that it will be useful for the group projects but for my own work I believe that I might find inspiration from them:


Julian Opie –

Julian Opie city





Simple lines and basic display of shapes shows a complex city view.

Patrick Caulfield –

15. 'Oh Helen, I roam my room' 1973 by Patrick Caulfield 1936-2005

Although not a city-scape this piece by Caulfield shows the style that I find also beautifully simple, with its thick black lines and selective colours.

What draws me to these two styles is the simplicity, I find cities to be large, complicating and noisy places so in art I believe that the best way to represent them is by stripping some of those things away to just show the core/ basics of the environment.