Screen Printing Workshop

screen printing:  paper stencils.

The method basically entails creating a paper stencil (as the name imply’s), which is then attached to the screen with masking tape. The ink (acrylic mixed with “screen juice”) is then pushed through the other side of the screen creating the print. The prints are really amazing an can be repeated until the paper becomes to weak. I find the style has a home made feel to it unlike some printing methods, it picks up all the miss cuts and slips and doesn’t always come out perfect. However its slightly rustic style has a fantastic charm. My print from today’s workshop was a test on how a print alters with what you cut out and what you don’t. With two identical shapes I then removed sections of the middle, on one the shape itself, leaving the drawn marks. And the other working in the alternate may, I wanted to see how this would affect what the print looked like; whether it would look like a square with squiggles in it or just a load of squiggles.

Once printed I saw that I might be able to take this further with layering techniques or with slightly different designs. Also relating to the brief of Inside and Outside as there was a clear layering alternation between the two drawn shapes and their appearance on the page.

Paper stencil screen print


First thoughts on the brief (Outside/Inside):

It is very daunting getting a new brief, especially when its so big and can be interpreted so many ways.  But now after a few days to settle into it I think I’m coming up with some strong paths to follow. I have been looking at Inside/Outside in relation to colour layering and distortion of view. Instead of taking a geographical or physical view of this new project I want to look more into the overlapping of shapes and forms in a piece, whilst looking at the ways of doing this. For example I thought about how this would work with print, and did a few drawings with watercolour that looked at how a piece altered depending on what parts of the page are left blank. This has got me thinking about negative/ positive photography, prints that show strong definition around a light source, as well as looking at it from a more abstract setting of colour layering.

I think that the lectures, workshops and tutorial meetings will help to push all of these thoughts forward as we are constantly being pushed to look at new things, see new artists and to develop the thoughts all the time. I also don’t think that I can look at this brief with a completely 2D thinking process as, like Nicholson’s relief sculpture I think there is also something 3D in my ideas if I can find the right format for it.

I am also waiting for our fine art project seminars to start as this will also give me something more to look into.