James Abbott McNeill Whistler

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The nocturne paintings of Whistler are stunning! The ghostly, misty and deep tonal quality of the paintings are incredible. As a lover of the works of Turner I can’t believe I’ve not seen his work before, but I think that is due to the fact that I have always been drawn to the brighter more fiery colours of Turner and abstract artists. Whereas no I am thinking more about absents of light and the control of colour through white and black layering.


“I say I can’t thank you too much for the name ‘Nocturne’ as a title for my moonlights! You have no idea what an irritation it proves to the critics and consequent pleasure to me—besides it is really so charming and does so poetically say all that I want to say and no more than I wish!”



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Pekka Kucha

Piet Mondrian-

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Norman Lewis –

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J.M.W. Turner

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Norman Lewis –

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Marc Chagall –

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I have always loved stop-motion animation, I think the way that the style bridges the gap between artistic skill and story telling. There are two examples that I have seen recently that I feel I need to reference due to the excitement that they made me feel. I am going to be working in paint medium this year but it might be interesting to look at documenting a painting and create an abstract narrative in a stop motion style. Realistically though I am referencing these films because of the physical response I had from watching them, it was a very emotionally stimulating experience.

Kubo and the Two Strings:

I heard one person describe the narrative as predictable but charming, and I wouldn’t disagree, once the story starts moving it is easy to guess what might happen. It has a very fairy tale feel that is easy to follow, but what really grabs the attention is the style of the film that maintains focus through well-made character models and fleshed out sets and extras. This has actually become the first movie that I would call my favorite movies.

Keaton Henson – Small Hands

Working with director Joseph Mann and puppeteers Jonny Sabbagh and Will Harper, Keaton Henson’s lyrical story is brought into a visually narrated world. The movements of the puppets are so well thought out and semi-realistic that it pulls at the heart strings. Without making the story grotesque is subtly explores the feelings of loss, loneliness and the thin line between life and death.


Site Workshop

As part of the field project we were given the opportunity to learn about working in a space and how to explore an area. Working in North street lane we first explored the space and tried to come up with an activity that we could do within that space.

My group and I attempted to document the lane using a list, acting as forensics we marked and noted everything we could see without moving things around the area. Although the other groups were working at the same time and so it was fun trying to work around each other.


While working we could not verbally communicate, for my group this was not such an issue as it was simply a case of pointing towards an object and marking it for the scribe. The list could potentially be used to aid projects or create a piece in itself.

This workshop was very useful to me as I new feel like a can go forward and understand how to document the Taff trail, which will hopefully lead to a more informed idea.


Apocalypse now



Kelly Best  – Sunder (from Island exhibit at G39)

“[Kelly] is interested in illusion and our understanding of an image or space, and is particularly drawn to contrasts between form, line, colour and void, and the interrelationships that occur between them.”

The beautiful simplicity of this work was really special. Showing that sometimes its best to not over complicate and idea and allow the materials to communicate themselves.



Watched Apocalypse Now inside a makeshift cinema that was a very intense experience. Attempting to re-enter the world after this gave an insight into what it might be like to re-enter society after being isolated, like being on an island. It was a very intense personal experience.

Colour – Essence and logic

colour is a gift we have received to enhance our total experience of the world”


Model of the uniform colour scale system at the optical society of America.

This book went into the science of seeing colour and how colours fit into our existence. Sometimes I forget that this is important to return to these facts to gain a better understanding of my own pallet choices.

Tiffany Chung

Tiffany Chung at the venice biennale 2015


Multimedia work that engages with the effects of manmade structures when faced with the destructive power of a natural disaster. Specifically the 1995 earthquake in Koke, Japan, current conflict in Syria and battlefields of the Vietnam war.

Chungs maps are so intricate and colourful. It has brought the idea of embroidery and a more design based mixed media into my perspective and so could be something that I explore within this project.