Up the scale

Instead of presenting the A2 colour codes I am going to produce six larger pieces that just focus on the primary colours. My main focus has been on the enjoyment of colour and form, and so creating a piece that represents this in its original set up but on a larger scale feels like the most successful outcome. Of course, I can see this project going on past my degree, where I will start to create more complex pieces as the code progresses towards a more diverse mixture.

Based on the materials that I have been using I have decided to look for watercolour paper that is at a high gsm. There is Fabriano paper that is used by most others in the studio. However, I wanted to explore and see what else was available, especially as large amounts of Fabriano is rolled which would mean cutting to size, and flattening, which would not have produced the crisp finish that I desire. I happened to find Atlantis produce large pieces of watercolour paper at 400gsm that is shipped flat and is pre-cut to a size that measures larger than A0!

It was very daunting when the paper arrived as it was wonderfully large but the quality is very apparent, and I am happy with the texture so that I can get a similar finish to what I was able to produce with the A4 and A2 paintings!